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Garlic Twist

The Garlic Twist is a new, innovative kitchen garlic tool that is designed to replace the common but problem-prone garlic press. At the heart of each Garlic Twist is a matching set of cross-cutting mincing teeth that allows garlic cloves to be minced to perfection.

Available in Clear, Purple & Green.

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Uni Lids

This high quality food grade silicone suction lid creates an air tight seal on bowls and saucepans. 

Suitable for use in the fridge, freezer, microwave, on saucepans on the hob or in the oven.

Fridge/freezer: They are ideal for food storage in the fridge or freezer, creating an air-tight seal.

Oven: Heat resistant in the oven up to 220c, Gas Mark 9.

Dishwasher safe.

The Uni Lids come in a box set of four, one of each size  28cm 21cm 15cm 11cm

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Garlic Peeler

The Garlic Peeler is a simple but effective way of peeling garlic. Simply place the individual garlic cloves into the silicone tube and roll backwards and forwards, the paper like skin will crack and leave the garlic ready to crush

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Baker Scraper

The Baker Scraper is a multi purpose kitchen tool with a soft tip for smooth functional scraping. It has 5 angles for bowls, pans and trays also a long straight edge for use on cutting boards and work-stations. A small stainless steel blade at one end adds yet more functionality for removing burnt on food or stubborn sticky stuff.


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Silicone Spatula

Handy mini Silicone Spatula. 19cm.  Use to remove garlic from the Garlic Twist. Can be used in hot cooking. Also makes a great jam spoon.

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Shish Kabob

 The Shish-Kabob is an innovative upgrade of the barbeque skewer, high quality stainless steel �fins� protrude from the main spine of the skewer enabling the user to place and cook individual pieces of meat, fish or vegetable on to the Shish-Kabob and removing them as required from the individual spikes rather than in a whole row. This enables cooking items to individual taste rather than �burnt or raw!!

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Stainless Steel Soap

This incredible stainless steel soap-shaped bar is even better than the real thing at removing odours. It's great in the kitchen - just rub the stainless steel marvel in your hands under cold water, and odours like onion, garlic and fish disappear. Even better, it never wears out, and no additional cleaning is necessary. Black plastic soap dish included.

Don't ask us how it works, it just does!

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