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Garlic Twist is a hit in the USA

We've had some fantastic feedback from stockists and users of the Garlic Twist across the Atlantic:

“The Garlic Twist has been our best selling item EVER! Within 2 months of carrying it, we have sold more of it than any other item we have carried for 2 years. Being a chef and store owner, the GarlicTwist has exceeded my expectations in every possible way. How many other products in your store can say you have been on a waiting list 13 times?”

Dominic Cimilluca - Owner, Dominic's Kitchen Store, Chicago, Il

“When you find a product as unique as The Garlic Twist, you know it will attract your customer's attention. It quickly became our #1 selling item. In just 6 months we sold over 300 units. For a newly opened independent retailer, that is more than good news.”

Joan Scire-Vitkevich - The Steel Mandoline, Pleasantville, New York

"OMG! I used the Garlic Twist tonight and I must say it’s the best Garlic Tool in the world! I love to cook with garlic yet I'm reluctant to due to the hassle of peeling and grinding it all. Well, watch out Spaghetti! Look out Lasagna! I think you hear me knocking, and I'm bringing my Garlic and the GarlicTwist with me. My worst fear has been conquered. The Garlic is BACK!"

E. Seleithia Woods - Inglewood, CA

"About a month ago, I went to a high-end cooking boutique to get a nice garlic press. The woman who worked there put an all-metal $40 garlic press in my hand and said, "This one is built like a German car. You'll never buy another garlic press again." I looked at it, and it looked like a pain to clean. Right around the corner on a small garlic display was The Garlic Twist. I took one look at its simple-all-over design, put the fancy press right back where I found it, and bought The Garlic Twist for 1/3 the price of the other gadget. Since the day I brought it home, I haven't used any thing else. It's awesome! It turns out the saleswoman was right after all.... I'll never buy another garlic press again! Thanks!!"

Darlyn Horgos

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